Art is personal.

“Art is personal.
    Art is untested.
    Art is intended to connect.
    Personal because it must reflect the artist. Something the Artist believes or wants to say or do to change.
    Untested because art is original. The second time is a performance at best.
    And intended to connect because art unshared is invulnerable, selfish, and ultimately pointless.  If your work can’t fail because it was never designed to connect, then I respectfully say that you might have had fun creating something beautiful, but its not art.  Just as you can’t have heads without tails, you can’t have the bright light of artistic success without the scary risk of failing to connect.”
  - Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception

At times you take the opportunity to step back and examine the work you are doing and the direction that you are heading in. In those same times you may come find the direction you are moving in is miles off the course you set out on. 

2016 was a year of deep contemplation for the future of Azra Images. Jenn and I found ourselves pouring over our work, contemplating the direction of what we were creating, and more importantly, where our values lay.  Our conclusion; we were chasing work that didn’t align with our vision or values. Our work had no longer resembled what we had set out to do.

The result? A little self-doubt, BUT more importantly a lot of discussion on redirection.  

Does this mean we didn't enjoy our 2016 clients? Absolutely not! In fact, you are a major reason behind much of our inspiration to push ourselves to new heights. To follow our gut. It was your trust in us. Your willingness to allow us to watch your love unfold in front of us, with no filters. Seeing you, made us want to take those connections deeper. To strive to courage those extraordinary moments, perhaps on an ordinary day. 

If indeed art is personal, let's delve deep into the question of "why we want to create art?".  If indeed art is untested, let's stray off that beat down path we always tread.  If indeed art is intended to connect, let's return to our roots.  

Our art growing. It's growing as we grow - individually, as a duo, and as life partners.  It is about connection.  It is about you as much as it's about us. It's about vulnerability. Whether that's our vulnerability to take risks and share our art. Or whether it's your vulnerability to sink into the moment. 

January 2017 was a reset button. We asked ourselves, why do we do this? Why is it so important to us that we continue to create? Continue to seek connection?  We think we know the answer now, and heck ya we are both excited about what this year holds for Azra Images, or should I say Azra & Oak! We are very excited to share it with you!


Azra Images Photo and Film
Azra Images Photo and Film