As an artist, so much of the way I view photo sessions has grown over the years. At first, I thought about the immediate use and benefit of the photographs. I imagined the parents rushing home to post on social media. I, like many, stressed over my social media following and desire to generate as much business as possible. After what felt like years of frustration and lack of growth, I turned my focus back to my art. 

I spent years working on the family's experience during the session. I worked with basic technology and zero props. I talked less and listened more. I learned to step back and let the magic unfold. I started with less casual poses, now posing very little if any at all. 

Today, I cherish the photos, not for the immediate benefit, but rather, as a historical keepsake. 

During the session, I am completely present. I work to ensure that my clients are present as well. Escaping the chaos of everyday life, the noise, the desire to always be moving and working, and the endless to-do lists, is rare yet so precious. My goal for each family is to temporarily forget about these things. To go deeper. I want you to re-connect. To watch your children play. To hold your partner, to look into their eyes, to pause, and breath in their presence. 

While I am present, I am also focusing in on the little details that will be cherished 10 or 20 years from now. When you scroll through this gallery, I invite you to join me in temporarily imagining these sweet little boys as grown men. Imagine the way they will be moved by their mother and fathers connection. The magic they will see in the locked gaze between themselves and their parents. Imagine them showing the images to their partners; to their children. 

For a moment, forget that this is a blog filled with beautiful digital photos. Go deeper. Immerse yourself in the memories. In the raw, authentic connection between parents, brothers, and partners.