I can't believe I'm writing this already, but yesterday our niece, Hailey turned ONE

I can recall the exact moment I found out our family had welcomed little Hailey to the world. Mike and I were sitting on a plane filled with our friends on our way home from Mexico, after photographing and attending a wedding. Unlike everyone else on the pitch black plane, I could not sleep. Eager to look at photos, I quietly opened my laptop in hopes to start editing a few. Knowing she was due any day, I had an urge to check Facebook to see if there was any news yet. Five dollars later, for the world's slowest internet, the very top photo on Facebook; our niece was officially here! 

This past year has been one of my absolute favourite's watching Hailey grow. As you can see, she is strong, joyous and independent. She may or may not slightly like her Auntie a tiny but more than her Uncle right now ;) but I'm cherishing it while it lasts because it won't be long now until she discovers that behind the beard is a kind hearted, fun and loving Uncle! 

Thank-you Mel & Greg for inviting us to celebrate such a special milestone with you! 

Thank you for making us Auntie & Uncle. 

We love you!