The Chapman's

We are creatures of wonder and curiosity. Where does this go? What does this do? How does this work? In children, the light shines bright and true. The world appears to us filled with mystery yet to be revealed. Jagged rocks scattered around, just waiting for you to uncover the sculpture that lies inside. We uncover the world through the questions that we ask. With each question, you swing the hammer upon the rock, slowly revealing the sculpture of understanding waiting beneath. At first, we start small. What does this word mean? Where does the sun go at night? Why can’t I see my eyes? Where do babies come from? Why do I have to eat my vegetables? We swing the hammer and the world begins to take shape around us.

- Derek Rucki
All we must remember is this; we yield the tool with which we shape our world. So no matter what you do, where you’re going, or what your goals are, don’t forget to do one thing; swing the hammer.
— Derek Rucki